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Steel constructions since 1917

about us

Since 1917

Heavy and complex steel construction

Breda Construction is originally a real construction company where mostly plate beams and constructions were made. In the course of time, the machine park has expanded and modernized and Breda Construction has focused more on complex projects in the crane construction and offshore industry. Especially the welding of high quality composite ( plate ) constructions has become a real specialty within the company. If you work with Breda Construction, you work with the knowledge and capacity of a strong company that is also committed to making every project a success.

Merging of Verhoeven construction and van Doorn steel construction

From 2017 Van Doorn Staalconstructie B.V. from de Meern and Verhoeven Construction in Breda have joined forces.

The result was:

  • The years of experience and expertise of both companies in the offshore market was combined in a solid company. This made the production of even larger and more complex steel constructions possible.
    The cooperation gives Breda construction an extensive package of welding procedures for various welding processes and materials, ranging from simple structural steelwork to highly advanced procedures up to and including S890, which are often used in crane construction.

What we do

Complex steel constructions

Breda Construction in the Netherlands is your professional partner for production and repair of complex steel structures. The emphasis is on qualified welding. We are active in heavy transport, offshore and heavy industries, such as the gas and oil industry. Our possibilities are very diverse. From heavy-lift components and machine parts to pipe and steel constructions and lifting equipment. Conctact us about our possibilities

Heavy steel construction

Working with complex steel constructions requires specialist knowledge. With 100 years of experience Breda Construction has this knowledge in house. In combination with our flexible approach, you are assured of a professional partner. A partner who actively thinks along with you, advises, produces and improvises. But also repaired or modified on site! You are assured of a high quality end product.

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